DAWNTAINED RSPS (Runescape Private Server)

Dawntained is the most unique fastest growing 317 custom RSPS in 2022 offering massive amount of unique and unseen content in the whole RSPS senes! Check out!

How to create account?

Play Dawntained is easy, download our installer and just login with a random username and password. The system automatically creates it for you! We also recommed creating an account on our forums and join our Discord!

Unique RSPS

Never before seen content on a RuneScape Private Server. Our team excels in creating custom content to set Dawntained apart from the generic cookie cutters. On our server you can login and PK instantly! Also win real money!

Paid PK

Dawntained is one of the most popular Runescape private servers. We keep all of our players happy by offering the Best RSPS PVP Server, putting out updates, and conducting server events with gorgeous rewards hosted by a skilled team of developers and experienced staff members.

Develop all your skills and achieve the maximum cape with our RSPS PVP Server. Complete accomplishments, defeat one of the many bosses or engage in combat with other players in the wild. Mini-games are fun to play on Instant PK RSPS. There is active gambling, and we are constantly releasing Best RSPS for your unique experience.